For International Students

Whether you want to obtain a full degree at the etit department, or you just want to spend one or two semesters with us as an exchange student, here you will find all the information that you need, to organize your stay in Darmstadt. We are happy to have you!

Study Programmes

If a double-degree agreement exists between your home university and our department, you can study with us for up to two years. A successful exchange ends with you receiving a double degree.

Depending on how the higher education system in your home country is structured, the double degree programmes are structured differently. In general, however, you must first study at your home university for some time.

Orientation event

Every semester there is an orientation event for foreign students. If you are enrolled in a Master's programme at TU Darmstadt, you can also attend the introductory event for Master's students. You can find both events in TUCaN.

There are special conditions for students of the Universidade de São Paulo, the École Nationale Supérieure de l'Électronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA) and the Centrale Supélec. (see below)

To study abroad at the Faculty of Etit at TU Darmstadt, you must be enrolled at a partner university of TU Darmstadt. Within the framework of the agreed exchange agreements, you can study one or two semesters in Darmstadt.


Exchange students can choose their courses (opens in new tab) freely according to their interests. Since courses from all departments are open to you, you have a lot of freedom in your choice.

All courses in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology are open to exchange students. If you would like to attend courses from other departments, please contact the respective department beforehand to find out about any special requirements.

The courses offered at the TU Darmstadt are organised in modules. For example, lectures and exercises form a module for which ECTS points can be earned. Have a look at the modules offered (opens in new tab).


TuCaN is the campus management system of the TU Darmstadt. With TuCan you can choose your courses, register for and deregister from examinations, and also receive a list of all courses as an overview.

If you enter the module number of the course offered in TuCaN under “Course Search”, you will find out which courses belong to a module as well as the respective details of the courses. The courses are often abbreviated in TuCan. To help you understand them we provide a list of the abbreviations (opens in new tab) and what they mean.


The examination period at TU Darmstadt lasts from mid-February to April in the winter semester, and from mid-July to October in the summer semester. If there is an overlap with the start of lectures or examination period at the home university, it may be possible to arrange a special solution with the professor of the module.


In order to apply for the exchange programme of the TU Darmstadt, you have to submit your application (“Application for admission”) online. The International Relations and Mobility Unit is responsible for the application and admission to our exchange programmes. You can find more information about the application.

Language requirements

In the Bachelor's programme, the language of instruction at the department is predominantly German. Accordingly, German language skills of at least A2-B1 (CEFR) are required; better language skills are recommended. In addition to an intensive language course before the start of the semester, further German courses can be taken during the lecture period.

Many of our seminars at Master's level are offered in English, so that it is possible to study either in English or in German in the Master's programme. In order to be able to study successfully, language skills of B2 are also recommended here.


If you would like to write your Bachelor's or Master's thesis at our department, you should contact the staff of the department of your choice as soon as possible. We offer a list of topics for theses and the corresponding departments.

You can currently enrol in four Bachelor's and five Master's degree programmes at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, each of which offers various specialisation options and elective areas:

Here you can find an overview of our degree programmes .

By the way, our Master's programme Information and Communication Engineering is offered entirely in English, as it is an international programme.

You can also choose to write your thesis in English. Sufficient German language skills are required for enrolment in all degree programmes except iCE.


Do you have questions about the application and admission procedure? The International Admissions Office will be happy to help you. It is not possible to apply directly to the department or via the Service Centre.

Research projects

Students from our partner universities in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have the opportunity to participate in a research project in Darmstadt.

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Special conditions for Double Degree Students

It is currently not possible for you to be enrolled in the mechatronics degree programme at the TU Darmstadt. However, as a student of electrical engineering and information technology, you can choose mechatronics-related specialisations (e.g. automation technology, or sensors, actuators and electronics) and attend lectures in mechatronics. Please note that you will receive a degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the TU Darmstadt after successfully completing the Double Degree Programme.

The course of the double degree programme depends on whether students have completed an Iniciação científica (IC) at USP or not. If you have an IC, you will spend seven semesters at the USP, four semesters at the TU Darmstadt and one semester at the USP. In the third semester at the TU Darmstadt, you will write your Master's thesis.

If you come from ENSEA and want to specialise in electrical power engineering at TU Darmstadt, you must first acquire the basics through self-study, as these are a prerequisite.

The schedule for the CentraleSupélec double degree is still subject to change as Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec have recently merged.

Moving to Darmstadt

Studying abroad is a big challenge! To support you along the way, the TU Darmstadt offers various services: