Information and Communication Engineering (iCE)
Study at TU Darmstadt

Welcome to our international Master degree programme

The Master Programme Information and Communication Engineering (iCE) at Technische Universität Darmstadt is a high-level study programme for students intending to pursue a degree with an international focus and aim for higher career goals. The four-semester programme is totally taught in English and designed for outstanding students with Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering or closely related disciplines.

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Focus of the iCE programme

Focusing on fundamental concepts for future technologies in the areas of Electrical Engineering and Communications such as: Electronic System Design • Device Technology and Circuit Design • Communication Technology • Communication Systems • Computer Science & Media Technology • Information Technology


This interdisciplinary study program is focused on the theoretical basics, models and applications of information transmission and processing. This includes communication techniques and algorithms, as well as methods for their microelectronic integration in hardware / software solutions with application in mobile and multimedia communication, coding, data compression, security, image processing, medical systems, among others.

Our links with industrial partners and academic researchers (both in ours and other world-class universities) will introduce you to further possibilities during your studies and after that, whether your plan is to find employment or pursue a Ph.D.

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Technical University Darmstadt - One of the leading universities

Since its foundation in 1877, TU Darmstadt has been characterized by a special pioneering spirit. It is part of our self-image to continuously continue this tradition of innovation. Through outstanding achievements in research, teaching and transfer, we open up important scientific fields of the future and continually open up new opportunities for shaping society. This makes TU Darmstadt one of the leading technical universities in Germany with high international visibility and reputation.