Exchange Programmes

A stay abroad offers many advantages. You get to know a new language, culture and many people from different countries. And you can also polish up your resume and gain important international experience. On this page you will find information about the different exchange programmes, as well as testimonials from students.

For qualified students, double degree programmes offer the possibility to obtain both the Master of Science degree at TU Darmstadt and the corresponding degree at one of etit's double degree partner universities with only a small extension of study time. The department offers several double degree programmes with renowned partner universities worldwide.

A stay abroad offers you the opportunity to get to know a foreign country and also to experience new subjects. As an etit student, you have the opportunity to complete your stay as an exchange student at one of our 100 partner universities. You can find more information about the different exchange programmes on the TU Darmstadt website.

For students of the TU Darmstadt who want to apply for an exchange semester, the question of funding opportunities and financing quickly arises. Here you will find information about the scholarship offer at the TU Darmstadt as well as links to external offers Information about the scholarship offer at the TU Darmstadt as well as links to external offers..

Jan Hämmelmann,
Double Degree at PoliMi, Milan

"I think studying abroad during college is a great experience and you should take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts."

Picture: Jan Hämmelmann

Numerous testimonials from students who have already participated in a stay abroad are available to you in the moveon Exchange database of the TU Darmstadt.

Another opportunity to exchange experiences with former outgoing and current incoming students is the “Go Out Weeks” event, which is regularly organized by the International Relations Office (IRO).