Automatic Wrapper Generation to Port Material Properties to Various Programming Languages

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Material relations are a key factor when it comes to accurate simulations of complex machines such as the superconducting magnets of the LHC particle collider at CERN. To this end, a lot of effort is spent on finding appropriate fits of various different materials under various different operating conditions. The results are typically kept in libraries, in the case of CERN as functions written in C (see here). These functions are then to be used in different simulation tools which, however, often require a translation of the material function into a different programming language (typically, to python or Matlab).

So far, this translation is done mostly manually. This implies that changes to the common basis C functions require changes in all translated versions as well. To avoid this cumbersome manual process, this announcement proposes an automatic wrapper generation of the base C function to other programming languages using, for example, the software development tool SWIG.