Axisymmetric Finite Element Models of No-Insulation High-Temperature Superconducting Coils

Master thesis, Projectseminar, Bachelor thesis

High-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials are a promising technology for high-field magnets in particle accelerators. In particular, no-insulation (NI) coils, i.e., coils wound without turn-to-turn insulation, have gained popularity due to their robustness [1]. Numerical methods such as the finite element (FE) method play a key role in developing HTS-based applications. The objective of this project is to extend CERN’s existing open-source Finite Element Quench Simulation (FiQuS) framework with 2D axisymmetric FE models of NI coils [2]. Since they are more efficient but less general than existing 3D models, they will complement the latter as an important tool in FiQuS to analyze NI coils. Following FiQuS’s ideals, a key aspect will be to hide the complexities CERN of the FE formulation from the users who are typically not FE experts.