All students at TU Darmstadt are governed by the General Examination Regulations (APB). In addition, each academic program has its own specific rules, which are set out in the respective provisions and regulations of the degree programme.


If you have any questions about the examination procedure at the Department etit, please contact our examination management..

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Exams in autumn: 01 July to 31 October

Exams in spring: 01 February to 30 April

The dates of the written exams will be announced in March (summer semester) or in September (winter semester). Log in to TUCaN as usual and then click on “Events” -> “My modules” and finally on the corresponding module. Now scroll all the way down to “Module final exams”. There you will find the exact exam dates.

You arrange the dates for oral examinations directly with the respective examiner – unless otherwise noted on the lists of examination dates. You must observe the following deadlines:

Appointment winter semester: until 31 January at the latest

Appointment summer semester: until July 31 at the latest.

The time schedule of the oral examinations is usually entered in TUCaN or possibly also posted at the respective chair. You can therefore – in addition to the dates in TUCaN or if, for example, no date has been entered – consider the notices of the responsible examiners on the bulletin boards of the departments or the information on the respective websites.


Note that exam dates and locations may still change before the exam registration period. Therefore, check the date again before registering for the exam.

In order to take exams, you must register via TUCaN by the registration deadline.

On the central pages of TUCaN you will find all further information about the exam registration.

Registration deadline winter semester: 15.11. – 31.01.

Registration deadline summer semester: 01.06. – 04.07.

Examinations accompanying lectures must be registered at least 14 days before the first examination date.

Please note that exam registration deadlines at other departments or for certain modules of FB etit may differ from those shown here. It is indispensable that you inform yourself on the web and in the courses when the exam registration deadlines are for your modules!

In order to register for an exam, you must be registered for the corresponding module.

The assignment (as elective or as additional subject) is already determined during the module registration – i.e. before taking the exam, not afterwards.

Withdrawal from registered examinations is possible up to eight days before the examination date at the latest, but no later than March 31 in the winter semester and September 30 in the summer semester, without giving reasons. The withdrawal takes place via TUCaN.

On the central pages of TUCaN you will find all further information about the exam deregistration.

Withdrawal after the withdrawal deadline (ends eight days before the examination date) can only be applied for in exceptional cases and if there are serious reasons in writing to the examination board. The board of examiners decides on the application.

If you do not take a registered exam without having deregistered beforehand, this exam will be considered as failed (grade 5.0).

If you are ill on the day of the exam, you must submit a medical certificate to the Examination Office within three calendar days of the exam.

Example: if the exam is on Monday, the certificate must be submitted by Thursday.

Further information on attestations

Certificate submission form

Oral supplementary examination

From now on, bachelor and master students (not diploma students) have the possibility to take an oral supplementary examination (mEP) to the third written examination once per study program. This means that students who fail a written exam three times can still achieve an “adequate” (4.0) with an oral exam that is based on the topics of the written exam.

The mEP can be completed exactly once per program.

You have to apply for the mEP in the examination office within four weeks after the announcement of the examination result. The deadline starts with the date of the grade publication in TUCaN.

Application for oral supplementary examination (opens in new tab)

The option of an mEP is forfeited if the third examination was held orally with the consent of the examiner. An mEP is only possible if three written examinations have not been passed previously.

If you come from another university and transfer to our master's program in electrical engineering and information technology (etit), you will most likely be admitted with conditions. These additional subjects to be examined are listed in the admission certificate. These requirements for the M.Sc. etit must be completed in the first year of study. Within the first year of study one repetition is allowed. This means that you must successfully pass all exams for the requirements in the first and second semester of the Master's program. Failure to pass will result in exmatriculation.

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Central audit management

Do you have questions about exams or would you simply like to learn more? Have a look at the website of the central examination management of the TU Darmstadt

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Before reporting an error, please read the information about exams on the central TUCaN page.