Kittler Student Center

The Kittler Student Center (KSC) in S3|06 room 151 (Merckstraße 25) is the supervised learning center of the department. Here, students have access to the latest specialist literature. The international team offers study-related assistance up to individual exam preparation. KSC is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Working places and payment

88 working places are available at KSC

The cash sale of scripts and the cash payment of other services is no longer available. Payment is only made electronically with Telecash. A Girocard (EC card) is required

KSC in Discord

The KSC team advises students on their questions online via the KSC channel on Discord. The counselling hours are daily from 9 .m. to 9p.m. Communication initially takes place as a chat. The direct link is KSC-Channel Discord

Online Tools

The team of student assistants developed individual online tools on the following topics:

  • BSc etit Grundlagenfächer
  • MSc Kommunikationstechnik und Sensorsysteme
  • Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik 1
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Information Theory 1
  • Grundlagen der Signalverarbeitung
  • Mathe 1, Mathe 2, und Mathe 3
  • Elektronik
  • Deterministische Signale und Systeme
  • Regelungstechnik 1, Regelungstechnik 2
  • Technische Mechanik für Elektrotechniker
  • Einführung BWL
  • Externes Rechnungswesen
  • General information for successful exam preparation

Each online tool consists of a file with the questions and a file with solutions. All papers had been prepared individually. They are published at the Discord Channel of KSC.

The KSC is located in the Hans Busch Institute (building S3|06), Merckstraße 25, 64283 Darmstadt.

The learning centre is located on the 1st floor (room 151) and can be reached via a lift and a separate staircase with access to Landgraf-Georg-Straße. The KSC can be found from the main entrance at the corner of Merckstraße and via the courtyard entrance by walking the full length of the 1st floor to the new lift.

In addition to the department homepage, you can also find daily updates on the KSC's Facebook page.

The KSC team consists of a graduate librarian and currently ten student assistants from different fields of study in Faculty 18. The team has been deliberately set up internationally, so that information can be provided in many native languages, as well as English and French.

The KSC supports with study-related assistance or individual exam preparation using the available specialist literature. Counselling at eye level is particularly important to us!

Due to its intercultural and social competence, the KSC is an ideal entry point for foreign students to find contact persons across language barriers who can open up access to learning groups.

For this approach, the KSC management received the 2017 Athene Prize for Good Teaching, Faculty Award of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

At present, approximately 2,100 titles from all fields of study are available for on-site use at the KSC. This stock (“Red Area”) cannot be borrowed. One can find most of the scripts for current courses too.

The literature collection is constantly updated with project funds from the department. Specific requests from students are also implemented quickly and without complications.

In addition, there is a handbook with about 3,400 books, selected by the institutes and subject areas. These books can be borrowed by students and researchers. If students are interested in a book on long-term loan, we will gladly refer them to the user.

Dissertations and theses are not available at the KSC. They can be viewed or borrowed at the ULB or at the supervising institutes and departments.

The holdings of the KSC can be searched via the catalogue portal of the Central Library ULB. Via this service, it is also possible to order online at the ULB or to place interlibrary loan orders.

Specific information on electrical engineering and information technology can be found on the ULB homepage: Subject information electrical engineering ULB

The TU Darmstadt has licensed numerous databases and electronic journals. These offerings can be used via all computers with a TU IP address. There are research terminals at the KSC from which you can access electronic resources.

The KSC team supports you with special literature and database searches and offers appropriate training, in groups or individually.

For the presentation of final theses, a trial lecture can be arranged at the KSC, which should take place very close to the actual date. Two members from the KSC team then accompany the presentation and give feedback on the presentation technique or any errors on the presentation slides. There is also a feedback about the content.

Further training and advisory services:

  • Seminar: Citing, compiling bibliographies (1h)
  • Seminar: Public Speaking, creating presentations (1h)

We offer numerous scripts of current lectures for sale in a printed form at KSC.
The cash sale of scripts and the cash payment of other services ceased on 29/04/2022.

After that, payment is only made electronically via Telecash. A Girocard (EC card) is required.

Autor Titel Preis in Euro
Biomedizinische Technik I – Einführung in die Medizintechnik 8,00
Jakoby Nachrichtentechnik – Skript 6,50
Klein Kommunikationstechnik I (KT I). – Skript 5,00
Klein Kommunikationstechnik II (KT II). – Skript 5,00
Konigorski Digitale Regelungssysteme I und II. – Skript 3,50
Konigorski Digitale Regelungssysteme I und II. – Übungen 5,00
Konigorski Identifikation dynamischer Systeme. – Skript 7,00
Konigorski Mehrgrößenreglerentwurf im Zustandsraum. – Skript 4,00
Konigorski Mehrgrößenreglerentwurf im Zustandsraum. – Übungen 4,00
Konigorski Modellbildung und Simulation. – Skript 4,00
Konigorski Modellbildung und Simulation. – Übungen 5,00
Konigorski Praktikum Regelungstechnik I, Regelung mechatronischer Systeme. – Versuche 4,00
Konigorski Systemdynamik und Regelungstechnik I (SDRT I) 4,00
Lenz Robuste Regelungen. – Skript 8,00
Maune Radartechnik. – Skript 6,00
Schlaak Management für Ingenieure (MfI). – Skript 7,00
Schlaak Mikrosystemtechnik I (MST I). – Skript 5,00
Schlaak Technologie der Mikro- und Feinwerktechnik (TMF). – Skript 9,00
Schlaak Technologie der Mikrosystemtechnik. – Skript 6,50
Weiland Grundlagen der Elektrodynamik und Technische Elektrodynamik. – Skript 4,50
Zoubir Digital Signal Processing (DSP). – Skript 2,50
Zoubir Fundamentals of Signal Processing. – Skript 2,50
Laborbuch zu EMK-Praktika 3,00
  • Scanner
  • Printer, can be use with cash payment
  • Binding machine
    • all materials sold inexpensively on site


The places in the learning centre should be used primarily for study-related learning and work. Please use the PC pool for surfing the internet.

With 88 workstations, the KSC offers the option of individual and team work in a quiet atmosphere.

  • Lockers
    • can be used by deposting your student ID
    • only usable during th day!
  • Sale of low-cost hearing protection
  • Lending of USB-fans against a deposit

Analogous to the regulation in the Central Library ULB, it is possible to take bottled water with you to your workplace. Other drinks or food may not be taken to the workstations.

Kittler Student Center (KSC)

Merckstraße 25, 64283 Darmstadt

Phone KSC-Desk: (06151) 16-20329

Director KSC: Holger Bergmann

Mail: h.bergmann(at)

Katalogportal: KSC-Recherche

Facebook: Kittler Student Center (KSC)