Serious Games Team - Retreat 2019

Our Team

The Serious Games group at TU Darmstadt has been established in Dec 2008, arisen from the Digital Storytelling group at the Center for Computer Graphics in Darmstadt. From 12/2008 until 12/2021, the Serious Games group was part of the Multimedia Communications Lab – KOM. Since January 2022, the group is placed as research working group af the etit faculty. The group follows an application oriented approach and works interdisciplinary with experts from other disciplines at TU Darmstadt (humanities, enginieering disciplines etc.) and external groups from academia and industry. Since 2009, 9 Phd theses have been prepared in the group and around 190 Master and Bachelor theses have been supervised, i.e. ~14 per year.

Group Head

  Name Working area(s) Contact
Dr.-Ing. (habil.) Stefan Göbel
Head of the Serious Games research group
Serious Games, Standardization: Serious Games metadata format, RAL quality criteria, Authoring, Control, Evaluation
+49 (0) 6151 16 20390
S3|20 104

Group Members

  Name Working area(s) Contact
Philipp Achenbach, M.Sc.
Serious Games, Gesture Recognition, Machine Learning
+49 (0) 6151 16 29468
S3|20 208
Lisa Baule, M.Sc.
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S3|20 105
Wolfgang Friedrich Brabänder, B.Sc.
Serious Games, Software Engineering
S3|20 208
Dr.-Ing. Polona Caserman
Serious Games, Virtual Reality, Full-Body Motion Reconstruction, Full-Body Motion Recognition, Inverse Kinematics
S3|20 208
Florian Horn, M.Sc.
Serious Games, , ,
S3|20 105
Sabrina Vogt
Scientific assistant
Project coordination, Conception / Design

Associated Members

  Name Working area(s)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Tregel
Location-based Games, Human Acitivity Recognition, Procedural Content Generation
Dr.-Ing. Augusto Garcia-Agundez
Postdoc @ Brown University
Computer Science, Sensor Technology
Dr. Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken
Head of institute for design research @ Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Exergames, Games for Health, Serious Games, (Game) Design Research, Health Design, eSports
Prof. Dr. Greta Hoffmann
Game Design Element Ontology, Learning in Games, Independent Games, Games Theory
Katharina Straßburg
Lotcheck Game Tester @ Nintendo
Game Desgin, Quality Assurance, Serious Games
Dennis Purdack, M.Sc.
Serious Games, Virtual Reality, Gesture Recognition, Machine Learning
Philipp Niklas Müller M.Sc.
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  Name Working area(s)
Dr.-Ing. Tim Dutz
Adviser in the board staff @ SCHUFA Holding AG
Mobile Serious Games, Pervasive Computing
Prof. Dr. Johannes Konert Konert
Professor @ Hochschule Fulda
Programming, Web technologies
Dr.-Ing. Florian Mehm
Technical Director @ Limbic Entertainment GmbH
Authoring Serious Games, Game Technology
Dr.-Ing. Christian Reuter
Software developer @ Deck13 Interactive
Authoring Multiplayer Games
Sandro HardyPersonalized Exergames, Health Games
Alvar Gamez ZerbanSerious Game Development
Dr.-Ing. Laila ShoukrySerious Games Analytics
Dr.-Ing. Viktor Wendel
Robert Bosch GmbH - Bosch eBike Systems
Multiplayer Serious Games, Game Mastering
Michael GutjahrSerious Games Evaluation, Psychology