Start of Studies

Freshmen face many new and unknown challenges as they embark on a new degree program. We support you right from the beginning, for a good and successful start in your new phase of life at etit.

New in Darmstadt?

You've just enrolled, but you don't know yet what TU-ID, TUCaN and Athene Card are all about?

Want to explore your campus and learn about the many offerings for students?

Would you like to brush up on your math skills before you start your studies and get to know your future classmates? Then the math pre-course is the perfect offer for you. The two-week course takes place about three weeks before the actual lectures start and is aimed at all new students in our Bachelor's degree programmes.

Participation is voluntary, registration is required.

If you have any organizational questions about the math pre-course, the staff at the Service Centre will be happy to help you.

You are not in Darmstadt in time for the pre-course or cannot attend in presence for other reasons? Maybe the online pre-course of the Department of Mathematics is the right thing for you.

One week before the start of lectures, the so-called Orientation Week, or OWO for short, takes place for first-year students.

Here you can get to know your fellow students and learn everything important about your studies, study planning, exams and so on. Your mentors will answer all your questions so that you can start your studies well prepared.

Current program of the orientation week

In mentoring, experienced students accompany you throughout your first semester. In one-on-one meetings and workshops, you will discuss organizational and exam-related topics and receive advice for a successful start to your studies. In addition, your mentor is your contact person for all questions regarding your studies.

To participate in mentoring, registration in TUCaN is necessary.

If you have any , you can contact us by email.

For Master's students in the etit and MEC programmes, we offer an introductory event every semester that provides an overview of the structure of the Master's programme and discusses study planning and organisation. In addition, you will learn more about the main provisions of the examination regulations and their practical implementation. The event is offered at the beginning of the winter semester as well as at the beginning of the summer semester.

You can find the current dates in TUCaN