Bachelor and Master Theses

Are you looking for an interesting topic for your bachelor or master thesis?

Final Theses at our Department

If you are interested in writing a thesis, we recommend that you contact the respective research assistant directly.

We research and work on various topics:

Autonomous Driving

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Nonlinear Control


Distributed Optimization & Game Theory

General questions about the process of a study, diploma, bachelor or master thesis at the Department of Control Methods and Intelligent Systems as well as about the supervision of external theses are also answered by the scientific staff.

For bachelor theses, the minimum number of pages is 60, for master theses 80 pages in the LATEX template for theses of the department.

For your elaboration, please install a LATEX distribution (e.g. Tex Live or MiKTeX (for Windows)). In addition, the use of a LATEX editor is useful (e.g. Kile, Texmaker, TeXstudio).

The template for your elaboration will be provided by your respective supervisor upon request. General LATEX templates in the design of the TU Darmstadt can also be found here.

For orientation, the following elaborations can be considered. However, a sensible approach and structuring depends strongly on the topic and orientation of the work.

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