Online Assessment Test to be cleared

Assess required foundations in Information and Communication Engineering

To ensure that all the enrolled students have the required background to our program we apply an Online Assessment Test before the application procedure. This test is taken by all candidates and it is applied online through our website.

The Online Assessment Test is aimed to assess your basic knowledge on the required foundations in information and communication engineering. The results are kept confidential, and they are used only in the admission procedure. Once approved, your results on the tests will not affect your studies towards the master degree.

Online Assessment Test

The test will cover the following topics (recommended literature is also given):

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

  • Electrostatic Fields
  • Electromagnetics
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Electronic Circuits
  • System Theory
  • Continous and Discrete Systems and Signals
  • Fourier Series
  • Fourier Transform
  • Laplace Transform
  • Z-Transform

Computer Architecture

  • Hennessy/Patterson: Computer Architecture – A Quantitative Approach (2nd ed.)

Logic Design

  • R.H. Katz: Contemporary Logic Design
  • E. McCluskey: Logic Design Principles

Software Engineering

  • Ian Sommerville: Software Engineering (6th ed.)
  • Martin Fowler, Kendall Scott: UML Distilled (2nd ed.)

Basic Microelectronics

  • Richard Jaeger: Microelectronic Circuit Design

Basic Communication Engineering

  • S. Haykin: Communication Systems
  • R. Ziemer, R. Peterson: Digital Communication
  • D. Cheng: Field and Wave Electromagnetics
  • J. G. Proakis: Digital Communications
  • S. Benedetto, E. Biglieri: Principles of Digital Transmission

Test samples

To help you to access if you have the right background to our program, we are including here some sample tests, extracted from examinations of our Bachelor-level courses. We encourage you to apply only if you find no dificulties on solving the problems presented in the sample tests.

Foundations of Electronics (opens in new tab)

Foundations of Communication Technology (opens in new tab)

Foundations of Communication Technology (opens in new tab)