Quality and innovation by tradition

Erasmus Kittler
Erasmus Kittler

Our guiding principle, “quality and innovation by tradition”, was inspired by the founder of the department, Erasmus Kittler. In 1882, he established electrical engineering as an independent academic discipline – the first scientist to do so. But he also set new standards in his own research work, combining fundamental principles with practical applications.

Today, our Department covers all fields of modern electrical engineering and information technology. Thanks, not least, to its international appoach and interdisciplinary connections, we became one of the nation’s leading institutions in both teaching and research.

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Master of Science

Program Duration:

4 semesters

Language of Instruction:

English. If desired: German in the second year

Beginning of Program:

Winter Semester (1st of October). Beginning in summer semester is not possible.

Tuition Fees:

The Program has no tuition fees, but students must pay a contribution fee per semester to the university. At this fee is included the cost of the Semesterticket. This fee allows for lower prices in the university restaurant and includes a free regional ticket for public transportation during the semester.

Special Services:

Special Step inside support for study plan definition and update, as well as active support in housing and social integration.

Studies Abroad:

Master Thesis as well as exchange possible at several partner institutions in different continents.


Our program is fully accredited by the German Accreditation Council, and you can expect the level of quality that granted the Darmstadt University of Technology its world-wide reputation of excellence in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

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