Heads of Department etit

The department management is dedicated to fundamental matters of the department and develops it strategically. The dean is elected by the departmental council from among the professors belonging to the department for a term of two years. The Vice-Dean and the Dean of Studies are also elected by the Faculty Council on the recommendation of the Dean.

Dean Professor Dr.-Ing. Abdelhak Zoubir

“During my tenure, several new professorships will be filled. Appointing the best minds and improving diversity is important to me.”

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Vice Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marius Pesavento

“Important structural measures are coming up in the next two years, such as the consolidation of the central workshops, the construction measures in S3|06 or the planning of the new high-voltage hall. I'm looking forward to playing a part in this.”

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Dean of Studies Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Klingbeil

“I will place a special emphasis during my tenure on aligning the content of various foundation courses within each degree program.”

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