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People as decisive initiators

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This year's networking meeting at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology was held under the motto “Fresh wind”. With the Managing Director Dr. Ellen Diehm as well as Professor Myriam Koch and Professor Yves Burkhardt, three of the new members of the faculty introduced themselves and reported on their different career paths.

For this year's networking meeting, the equality team etit had organized a panel discussion. (from left to right, back: Prof. Florian Steinke, Dr. Ellen Diehm, Prof. Yves Burkhardt, Prof. Myriam Koch, front: Equality Team etit with Claudia Klein, Anna Pfendler and Emna Zoghlami.

Professor Florian Steinke, Dean of the Department, already put it in a nutshell in his welcoming speech: “The current topics of our society, be it the energy turnaround, technical progress in medicine, or mechanization in general, all have one thing in common – electrical engineering aEngineering professions, and in particular electrical engineering and information technology, have nothing to do with people? That this unfortunately still widespread opinion is a gross misconception became very clear at this year's network meeting of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the TU Darmstadt.nd information technology is the central element.

The panel discussion with the two new etit professors Myriam Koch and Yves Burkhardt as well as the new managing director of the department Dr. Ellen Diehm showed where there is still ”humanity" at etit – where people and the relationships to and with them play an important role: All three named people from their environment, their superiors, parents, colleagues as decisive for their career.

Well attended: Networking meeting at the department etit 2023
Well attended: Networking meeting at the department etit 2023

It also became clear that networks and cooperation across departments, universities and disciplines are the key to a successful future. Koch moved from the TU Munich to Darmstadt; previously she had already worked successfully with colleagues at etit. Burkhardt, who worked in industry before his appointment at the TU, used a component he had brought with him from an engine he had brought to production maturity to illustrate how crucial individual details are for the success of a project – and that good cooperation is the factor for success here.

And another important topic was addressed: Diversity in groups. Everyone agreed that diversity offers great opportunities. But: It is more expedient to shape the framework conditions in a way that promotes this diversity than to impose diversity. Ultimately, the following applies: Only those who are represented in a group can contribute their interests and views to decisions and developments.

This is also precisely why it is important for women to be enthusiastic about the subject – and thus to be able to actively participate in shaping the future. At etit in Darmstadt, we are on the right track here: there is already a high proportion of women in medical technology, and: thanks to the efforts made in recent years, there is no discernible bottleneck effect, i.e. the proportion of women is at the same level among first-year students, graduates, doctoral students and even professors.

Election of the new equality team

The new equality team etit: Maria Rizou, Luisa Riik, Claudia Klein (f.l.t.r.)
The new equality team etit: Maria Rizou, Luisa Riik, Claudia Klein (f.l.t.r.)

At the subsequent women's plenary meeting, the department's new equal opportunities team was elected. The new team includes Claudia Klein, Luisa Riik and Maria Rizou. The department would like to thank Emna Zoghlami and Anna Pfendler, who did not stand for re-election, for their good work over the past years.

The decentralized equality team of the department etit organizes an annual networking meeting for the exchange and discussion of current topics with all status groups of the department. The networking meeting is traditionally followed by the department's women's plenary meeting.

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