Contribution to sustainable development – IEEE PES PowerTech Best Paper Award

E5 employee finishes second in the IEEE PES PowerTech Best Paper Award.

2021/08/17 von

From 28 June to 2 July 2021, the IEEE PES PowerTech took place under the title „Power for sustainable development goals“. Marcel Böhringer from the department „Electrical Power Supply with Renewable Energies“ was represented in the presentation session „Storage I“ and earned second place in the Papadias Student Paper Award for his paper.

Picture: Andriana Lespukh
Picture: Andriana Lespukh

Over the five days of the event, more than 400 papers were presented on various topics of energy technology. In his submission, an optimization model was developed that solves the dimensioning of central district storage and PV systems as well as the placement of district storage in energy optimized residential districts by means of multi-period optimal power flow modeling. The model considers the design of the maximum storage and PV system size as global variables in the optimization. These are used for the cost-optimal dimensioning in the objective function and lead to a cost calculation based on the LCOE. In a second step, conditions for the degree of self-sufficiency were integrated into the model to find the best possible location for the neighborhood storage. The basis for this is the minimization of grid losses in the neighborhood. With this contribution, Marcel Böhringer convinced the experts and took second place.

The department congratulates him!