Prof. Binder Celebrates Birthday With Colloquium

Numerous Lectures Held at Service Anniversary and Birthday


Since 1997, Professor Dr.-Ing. Andreas Binder works at TU Darmstadt and heads the Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion. In a ceremonial setting at the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberghaus, the scientist celebrated his twenty-year service anniversary as well as his 60th birthday together with his colleagues and co-workers.

Picture: Andriana Lespukh

The lectures reflected the scientific achievements of the last 20 years at the Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion: from traction drives for railways to high-speed drives. Among the invited guests: professors in the field of electric machines and drives from Nsukka (Nigeria), Bucharest (Romania), Podgorica (Montenegro), Vienna and Graz in Austria as well as colleagues from numerous German universities and, of course, TU Darmstadt.

Together with his family and numerous former companions, many employees and PhD students from the Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion celebrated the service anniversary and the birthday. Prof. Binder’s first doctoral student, Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schätzer, also congratulated on the anniversaries.