HiWi Position: Efficient Algorithm Implementation in C++ for Large-scale Biomedical Data

2024/01/10 by

You are an expert in C++ and interested in biomedical applications? We are offering a Student Assistant (HiWi) position to engage in cutting-edge research that concerns computationally efficient C++ implementations for the analysis of large-scale biomedical data. While small data sets can be processed with python or R, applying advanced statistical machine learning algorithms to large-scale biobanks requires backends or complete implementations in C++. Efficiency is required with regards to algorithmic operations, but also efficient memory handling/memory mapping and online-processing.

A candidate should have hands-on experience with C++, particularly the Standard Template Library (STL) according to the standards C++ 11/14/17 (optional 20), and additional interest in programming, high-performance computing, and benchmarking of algorithms.

We invite passionate and forward-thinking students to join us. This is your chance to be at the forefront of a transformative project with real-world implications. The Robust Data Science Group at TU Darmstadt is looking forward to hearing from you!

To apply for the job, please send a short E-Mail with your CV and transcript to: