Research excursion to CERN

2023/10/12 by

From 28.09.2023 to 01.10.2023, members of the Robust Data Science Group of TU Darmstadt visited the CERN research center in Geneva. The excursion was organized by the Signal Processing Group. Many thanks to our colleagues!

In addition to a variety of technical lectures and scientific discussions, the focus was on tours of the CERN research facility:

A first highlight was a look into the history of CERN with the inspection of the 600 MeV synchrocyclotron, the first particle accelerator at CERN, built in 1957 and operated until 1990, which was one of the main working tools of CERN researchers during the long years of its use in the fields of nuclear physics, astrophysics and medical physics.

The visit also included a tour of the Anti-Matter Factory and the Silicon at Cern chip fabrication facility.

At the time of the visit, CERN was able to announce another groundbreaking discovery: it was experimentally proven that anti-matter also has to obey the laws of gravity muss

Furthermore, it was reported that the mass of research data stored at CERN has exceeded the exabyte (10^18 bytes) threshold for the first time

Given these data dimensions, the importance of modern high-dimensional and computationally very performant signal and data analysis techniques was underpinned, and the reseachers could practically understand that their work does not only serve to expand theory, but practically helps to expand the knowledge of mankind.

In addition to expanding their scientific expertise, the two groups also had to explore the incomparable nature of the French Alps. This great excursion was crowned with the ascent of one of the peaks of a French low mountain range near Samance and the view of Mont Blanc.