Matthias Rutsch

Matthias Rutsch, M.Sc.


Merckstr. 25
64283 Darmstadt

Office: S3/06 133

+49 6151 16-23920



My research focuses on waveguides for air coupled ultrasonic transducer in array configurations. The main goal is to manipulate the effective acoustic pitch of each ultrasound array, protect the transducer from environmental influences while regarding the output sound pressure level.

The main topics are:

  • Simulation of acoustic array configurations,
  • Modelling and fabrication of acoustics array configuration,
  • Multiphysics characterization of single ultrasonic transducers and arrays.

Short Biography

Matthias Rutsch received his M.Sc. in precision engineering from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany, in 2017. His research interests involves design of acoustics waveguides for ultrasonic array applications.


Elektromechanical Systems

Supervised Theses

  • R. Nangue, ''Modeling of an ultrasound-based friction display in COMSOL Multiphysics'', Master's thesis, 2018 (in progress).
  • J. Escribano, ''Design and start-up of CUT'', Bachelor's thesis, 2018.
  • D. Dahlem, ''Design and start-up of an air coupled ultrasonic ring array'', Master's thesis, 2018.