AI in Medicine Challenge

Project Seminar: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Challenge

Within the master module 18-ha-2010-pj, students work independently in small groups on a given problem from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. The nature of the problem can be the automatic classification or prediction of a disease from medical signals or data, the extraction of a physiological parameter, etc. and will be determined each semester. All groups are given the same problem, but must develop their own algorithms, which are evaluated on a hidden data set. At the end, a ranking of the best performing algorithms is produced. This ranking will not be used in the grading, but the best team will receive a prize.

The introductory meeting will take place on the first Friday of the lecture period at 17:00.

To successfully complete the module, it is necessary to either be proficient in Python or to acquire this knowledge during the semester. All communication will take place during the semester via Moodle.

We will have an online meeting every week Friday at 17:00.

You will form teams of 2-3 people (both boundaries are fixed). Those who do not have a team partner will be matched up by us.

At the end of the semester, each group will present their findings in a ten-minute presentation. The appointment is mandatory for all participants.

Each group will turn in a report (IEEE template, see Moodle) on the project. The report should be three to four pages long, maximum length is 4 pages + sources.