David Riehl M.Sc.


work +49 6151 16-20253

Work S3|06 301
Merckstr. 25
64283 Darmstadt

Research and Work Area

DFG Project: “Sensor-integrated bolts for multiaxial force measurement and derivation of a design methodology for sensor integration in closed cylindrical machine elements (SiSmaK)”

LOEWE 3 Project: „Verschleißfreie elektrische Kopplung (VeElKo)“

LOEWE 3 Project: “Nanowire based Interconnect Technology for High Performance DRAM Products (NanoNIT)”

LOEWE 3 Project: “Highly Innovative DRAM Test & Development Methodology (HIDTest)”

Accompanying Lectures: “Electronics Lab”(Athene Award 2022), “Biomedical Engineering Lab”

Short Bio

Since 2020 Doctoral candidate and Research & Teaching Assistant at the Integrated Electronic Systems Lab, TU Darmstadt, Germany
2017 – 2020
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Thesis: “Compact Modelling of Electrostatically Doped Ambipolar Reconfigurable Field-Effect Transistors”
2013 – 2017
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Thesis: “Design of an Inductively Coupled Energy and Data Transmission System for Torque Sensors Integrated in Hollow Shafts”


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Supervised student projects:

Ali Abdallah Design and Characterization of an Inductive Coupling for the Measurement of Bearing Impedances Masterthesis
Dirk Leiacker Ultrasonic Communication for Sensor Integrating Machine Elements Masterthesis
Philipp Gebhart Entwurf und Validierung eines FPGA-Adapterboards für Hochgeschwindigkeitstests von DRAM Speicher ICs Bachelorthesis
Md. Ashiqur Rahman Development of a precision half-bridge load cell simulator Bachelorthesis
Henri Vincent Busch Design, Implementation, and Power Optimization of a LoRa based Sensor Network for Sensor-Integrating Bolts Bachelorthesis
Lucas Herfurth Energy Harvesting System for Rolling Bearings Projectseminar
Dirk Leiacker Implementation of a Test Platform for Software-Defined Ultrasonic Communication Seminar A
Carlos José Llorente Cortijo Development of a Bluetooth-Low-Energy Communication for Sensor Integrated Screws Seminar A
Henri Vincent Busch,
Mohamed Amine El Blidi
Implementation and Evaluation of Discrete Natural Neighborhoods Interpolation Methods on a CPU for Multivariable Scattered Datasets to Develop New Semiconductor Models for SPICE Simulation Projectseminar
Mohammad Zidan Design and validation of a low-cost interposer concept for DRAM ICs Seminar A
Christian Euller Comparision of Battery-Technologies for Long-Term use in Harsh Enviroments Proseminar
Henri Busch Comparison of efficient implementations of Natural Neighborhood Interpolation for multivariate scattered datasets Proseminar
Kim Leidolf Investigation of the relationship between retention time and timings of DRAM Bachelorthesis
Timo Oster Nonlinear De-Embedding for Acquisition of High-Speed Signals Masterthesis
David Witulla Entwurf und Evaluierung einer kostengünstigen Audio-Endstufe Bachelorthesis
Silvija Vujinovic Integration eines Pick-and-Place-Heads und einer Kraftregelung in eine 3-Achsen-CNC-Maschine Bachelorthesis
Kim Leidolf Design of a temperature controlled chamber Seminar
Mohith Kumar Narasimharaju An FPGA-based approach to Test and Debug DDR3 On-Chip Memory failures Masterthesis
Kim Leidolf Investigation of DRAM failure mechanisms and design ideas for a FPGA based DRAM tester Projectseminar
El Amin
Vergleichende Untersuchung des Verschleißes von BGA-Sockeln auf der Grundlage ihres Kontaktwiderstandes Bachelorthesis
El Amin
Entwicklung eines Messaufbaues zur automatisierten Bestimmung des Kontaktwiderstandes von BGA Sockeln Projectseminar
El Amin
Vergleich von Messschaltungen und Messverstärkerschaltungen zur Messung der Kontaktwiderstände von BGA Sockeln Proseminar
Jan Hämmelmann Equation Based Modelling of Ambipolar Reconfigurable Transistors using Genetic Programming Projectseminar