Admission requirements

Outstanding graduates are invited to apply for the next winter semester

The International Master Program – Information and Communication Engineering- is a programme of excellence. We expect from our students a solid background in basic engineering subjects, as well as good foundations on information technology and communications. Here is a list of topics that our students should be proficient in:

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physics
  • Foundations of Communication Technology
  • Foundations of Communication Systems
  • Signal Theory
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Electronics and Semiconductor devices

A Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in a related area is mandatory, and the transcripts of the Bachelor degree must confirm the solid background of the candidate in the field of information and communication engineering. Degree programmes in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Communications Engineering are known to provide such background.

But notice: to have a Bachelor degree certificate in one of those majors doesn't mean that you are going to be automatically recommended to enrollment. And the opposite is also true: students with degrees other than those can be recommended to enrollment if their transcripts show that they have a solid background in the field of information and communication engineering. As a summary: all degree certificates and transcripts are carefully analyzed by a committee in order to access if the candidate has the right background to the programme.

Beside the technical background, our candidates are expected to have good domain of the English language. So, an English proficiency certificate should be presented along with the application material. Here are some of the certificates we can accept, together with the acceptable results on each one: TOEFL 570 (paper based), TOEFL 230 (computer-based), TOEFL 88 (internet-based), IELTS 6.5, Cambridge CPE level C.


In order to ensure that all the candidates have the required background, we included an Online Assessment Test in our application procedure. This test helps us to assess your background knowledge on the topics that are required in the iCE study programme.

To help you to access if you have the right background to our programme, we are including here some sample tests, extracted from examinations of our Bachelor-level courses. We encourage you to apply only if you find no dificulties on solving the problems presented in the sample tests.

Foundations of Electronics (opens in new tab)

Foundations of Communication Technology (opens in new tab)

Foundations of Communication Technology (opens in new tab)