Erasmus Kittler
Erasmus Kittler

Our guiding principle, “quality and innovation by tradition”, was inspired by the founder of the department, Erasmus Kittler. In 1882, he established electrical engineering as an independent academic discipline– the first scientist to do so. But he also set new standards in his own research work, combining fundamental principles with practical applications.

Today, the etit Department covers all fields of modern electrical engineering and information technology. Thanks, not least, to its international approach and interdisciplinary connections, etit has become one of the nation’s leading institutions in both teaching and research.


Personal experience

With its combination of theory, practice and cross-disciplinary soft skills, the study programme at etit not only trains students for professional life but is also an excellent general preparation for their later lives and careers.

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Since it was established by Erasmus Kittler in 1882, the etit Department has been a continuous source of inspiration for innovations and breakthroughs in the field of electrical engineering and information technology. Many pioneering developments of the last few decades originated in Darmstadt.

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