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Full Professorships

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Control Methods and Robotics
S3|10 418-25050

Electrical Energy Conversion
S3|10 315-24180

Accelerator Physics
S2|17 226-20028

Integrated Micro- and Nanosystems
S3|06 128-23876

Electromagnetic Field Theory
S2|17 131-24020

Power Electronics and Control of Drives
S3|21 207-20580

Electrical Power Systems with Integration of Renewable Energies
S3|10 222-24660

Computer Systems
S3|06 330-21150

Integrated Electronic Systems
S3|06 336-20256

Biomedical Engineering
S1|19 107

Microwave Engineering
S3|06 601-28460

Light Technology
S2|09 14-22877

Communications Engineering
S3|06 240-22380

Accelerator Technology
S2|17 227-23497

Bioinspired Communication Systems
S3|19 1.1(06151) 16-57235

Control Systems and Mechatronics
S3|10 504-25200

Measurement and Sensor Technology
S3|06 126/127-23860

New Materials Electronics
S3|06 523-28478

Communication Systems
S1|08 209-20342

Terahertz Devices and Systems
S3|06 605-28445

Computational Electromagnetics
S2|17 29-24409

Real-Time Systems
S3|06 317-22350

Energy Information Networks and Systems
S3|10 306-21710

Multimedia Communications
S3|20 120(06151) 16-29101

Signal Processing
S3|06 254-21341

Cooperative, Industrial and Guest Professorships

Name Office Phone E-mail

Electromagnetism and Mathematical Modelling
S4|10 328-24402

Technology and Economics of Multimodal Energy Systems
S3|10 309-21730

Affiliate Members

Name Office Phone E-mail

Secure Mobile Networking
S2|20 205-25470

Embedded Systems and Applications
S2|02 E103-22420

Honorary Professorships and Lecturers

Name Office Phone E-mail
S2|09 108-22883
S2|17 230-24024
Helmut Glünder
S3|06 415-28450
S2|17 142-24021
S3|21-20432 (Sekretariat)
S4|10 328-24399
S3|06 511-28482