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Resource-saving production of electronic components

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In her dissertation, Mona Fuhrländer deals with the “Calculation and optimisation of yield in the manufacture of electrotechnical products” and focuses on the design process. She was awarded the Dr Wilhelmy VDE Prize 2023 for her work at the chair of Professor Sebastian Schöps.

Award ceremony at the VDE Capital Forum, from left to right: prize donor Lothar Wilhemy, prize winner Dr Mona Fuhrländer, VDE ITG Chairman Prof Hans Schotten.

Electronic components are essential for digitalisation and are required in large quantities. Rare raw materials are often used in production. The aim is therefore to use resources as sparingly as possible. In her dissertation, Mona Fuhrländer is developing simulation-based processes that can be used to reduce rejects in the production of electronic components and their probability of failure during

Dr.-Ing. Mona Fuhrländer

In order to ultimately manufacture a reliable product in large quantities, uncertainties must already be taken into account during the design process.

Picture: VDE

Uncertainties can arise due to inaccuracies during production, natural material fluctuations or environmental influences. Using various machine learning methods with error control, the young scientist from Darmstadt has developed efficient methods for the simulation-based quantification of uncertainties and for design optimisation under uncertainties. Thanks to these mathematical methods, waste can be greatly reduced and resources saved.

Less computing effort with the same accuracy

In her dissertation, she looks at the design of the permanent magnets of an electric motor as a concrete application example. As these magnets are made of rare earth metals, it is particularly important to conserve resources. Furthermore, greater safety is guaranteed, as the robustness optimisation also reduces the probability of failure during operation. In addition to the reduction in waste, reliable running performance is guaranteed under increased performance requirements.

In contrast to conventional methods, the processes developed by Mona Fuhrländer are significantly less computationally intensive while maintaining the same level of accuracy, making them suitable for use in industrial product design.

Dr Wilhelmy VDE Award

Once a year, the Dr Wilhelmy Foundation and the VDE jointly award the Dr Wilhelmy VDE Prize to up to three young female engineers in electrical engineering and information technology.The award, each worth EUR 3,000, recognises outstanding dissertations that develop innovative solutions to technical issues.

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