New at etit: Prof. Yves Burkhardt

2023/02/09 by

Since February 1, Dr.-Ing. Yves Burkhardt has been a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (etit). His field of research is electrical drive systems. Previously, the 39-year-old was, among other things, Head of Electrotechnics Engineering Discipline and Head of Motor Electrical Engineering at Valeo eAutomotive Germany GmbH in Erlangen/Bad Neustadt. We asked Professor Burkhardt a few questions about his start at TU Darmstadt.

Why should students be interested in your topics? What is so exciting about it?

Digitization and the energy transition are shaping the current era. However, as soon as something needs to move, an electric drive is usually involved – from automated roller shutters to manufacturing robots, electric vehicles to wind turbines. Electric drive systems and highly efficient electric motors continue to gain in importance, which gives rise to exciting questions, especially in the system network. If you want to move the future, electrical drive technology is the right place for you.

At the TU Darmstadt, interdisciplinarity is a top priority. Where in your field of work are there interfaces with other disciplines?

In addition to an electric motor, an electric drive system contains power electronics and mechanical components. This alone results in close interfaces to power electronics and to various disciplines in the mechanical engineering department as well as to control engineering. The design and optimization of electrical machines also offers numerous links to other disciplines, e.g. with regard to functional materials and computer simulation of electromagnetic fields.

The best balance to a stressful working day is …

Sports: a round with the racing bike or jogging, in order to achieve physical performance in addition to the mental work.