Electrical Drive Systems

Digitization and the energy transition are shaping the current era. However, as soon as something moves, an electric drive is usually involved – from industrial drives to electric trains and electric vehicles to wind turbines and large generators. Electric drive systems and highly efficient electric motors continue to gain in importance, giving rise to many new issues, especially in the system network. We are researching electric drive systems to contribute to the efficient movement of the future.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yves Burkhardt

A holistically optimized drive system is more than the sum of motor, inverter and gearbox.

Research focus on the electric motor in the context of an electrical drive system:

  • Efficient, highly utilized electric drive systems
  • Innovative motor concepts for mobility and industry
  • Additional losses and efficiency in converter operation
  • Bearing currents and insulation life
  • Electromagnetic force excitation and NVH
  • Digital Twin – modeling and numerical simulation