Mechatronics (MEC)


Mechantronics is a multi-disciplinary field of engineering deriving from mechanical engineering, precision engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. It deals with the development and production of new, integrated mechanical/electronic systems with automated, intelligent functions.

The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree programme in Mechatronics takes six semesters and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. From the very first semester, the degree programme is based on subjects deriving from mechanical and electrical engineering as well as information processing which are taught in parallel. This degree programmeoffers you an equal balance between theory and practice.

The Master’s degree programme is the second stage of the two-tier Bachelor’s/Master’s system. The M.Sc. (MEC) follows on directly from the B.Sc. (MEC) and takes four semesters. It leads to a Master of Science degree. The M.Sc. (MEC) focusses on the application of the basic methods acquired during the B.Sc. (MEC) whilst teaching more advanced methods at Master’s level.

MEC Master’s graduates are qualified to hold science-based, professional positions. They are especially well-equipped to acquire knowledge of additional areas of mechatronics independently over the course of their careers. An M.Sc. from TU Darmstadt qualifies you unconditionally to embark on doctoral studies.

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