Informationssystemtechnik (iST)

Information System Technology

Information Systems Engineering is concerned with the scientific principles and technical implementation of modern systems of information processing, telecommunications and information storage. As the subject is developing, the traditional boundaries between electrical engineering and computer science, which used to be associated with hardware and software, are becoming ever less clearly defined. Typical fields of application include medical engineering, aerospace engineering and transportation technology.

The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree programme takes six semesters and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. A strong research base, team teaching, the use of e-learning strategies and the involvement of external teaching staff ensure that current research issues are linked to innovative teaching.

The Master’s degree programme is the second stage of the two-tier Bachelor’s/Master’s system. The M.Sc. (iST) follows on directly from the B.Sc. (iST) and takes four semesters. It leads to a Master of Science degree.

iST graduates are not only equipped to hold an unusually broad spectrum of jobs in industry but are themselves a new generation of engineers who are able to coordinate and complement cooperation with their colleagues in the traditional engineering disciplines. An M.Sc. from TU Darmstadt qualifies you unconditionally to embark on doctoral studies.

The degree programme in Information System Technology (iST) is hosted by the area of studies Information System Technology of TU Darmstadt.