Schedule of Studies B.Sc. etit

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, which takes six semesters, is roughly divided into three phases:

  • During the first two years (semesters 1 – 4), you will receive a broadly-based education in the fundamentals of the discipline. This phase includes a large percentage of compulsory core subjects.
  • From the fifth semester onwards, you will be able to extend your knowledge of the subjects that particularly interest you by selecting from the compulsory elective subjects.
  • In the sixth semester, at the end of your degree programme, you will work on an academic project, supervised by one of our professors, which will culminate in a Bachelor’s thesis.

The degree programme is both research- and practice-related. Throughout the entire duration of your degree programme you will be able to test your theoretical knowledge on practical applications during laboratory sessions.

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