Simulation of the signal influence by different line configurations


Audionet is one of the world's leading High End sound amplifier and HiFi gear manufacturer. Even with it's over 30 years of experience the engineering team is continuously looking for the perfect sound. However, in the largely optimized electronics the perfect sound depends in no small part on the interconnect lines between the components. Both the cable configuration and its material clearly contribute to audible differences. Classical methods of electrical engineering (e.g. quadripole analysis) have so far not produced any results; corresponding measurement technology is complex or close to impracticability.

Task: The aim of the student is to find simulation methods/tools and to show the influende of different signal line configurations on the signal itself. Therefore 3-D models need to be developed, simulations of the EM fields to be carried out and the resulting waveform at the exit of the signal line to be shown (in time and frequency domain).

Prerequisites: Holistic understanding of electrical engineering contextes. Basic knowledge of field simulation, experience with programming with scripting languages. Affinity and fun for optimal sound.

This thesis is supervised by audionet GmbH in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt.