Nonlinear Eddy Current Simulations of Fast Orbit Corrector Magnets

Hiwi Stelle


The new synchrotron radiation source PETRA IV, which is currently being planned at the particle accelerator laboratory DESY in Hamburg, aims to become the world’s most powerful 3D X-ray microscope. To achieve this, the emittance of the electron beam has to be very small and therefore the particle orbit must be kept under extremely tight control. To that end, a fast orbit feedback system with hundreds of fast corrector magnets is being designed at the moment. These fast correctors are powered at frequencies up to the kilohertz range, which gives rise to strong eddy currents. To enable efficient nonlinear eddy current simulations of such fast magnets, we are working on a dedicated method consisting of a combination of different homogenization techniques and a harmonic balance finite element method.

Work Plan:

The student’s task will be to aid in further developing and verifying the method, for instance by setting up gmsh and CST models to test the performance or by implementing additional features in the underlying getDP and python code. Thanks to the variety of software that the student will be working with, this project presents a great opportunity to get to know many of the tools typically needed in the field of computational electromagnetics in academia and industry.


- Knowledge on electromagnetic field theory and electromagnetic field simulation

- Basic programming skills, ideally some experience with gmsh and getDP