Modelling and Simulation of Transmission Power Systems

Masterarbeit, Bachelorarbeit


As the integration of renewable energy sources and the complexity of grid operations continue to grow, it is essential to develop a modeling approach that enables efficient and rapid simulation of dynamic processes in large-scale power systems. Therefore, the focus of this work lies in the development and validation of a new modeling method, which will serve as a foundation for effective implementation and analysis of power system dynamics in the context of energy transition.


This work aims at developing a matrix-based network model in MATLAB/Simulink. It consists of the following parts:

  • Literature research about power system dynamic and modelling methods
  • Developing a matrix-based network modeling approach for studying large-scale power systems
  • Initializing the models according to stationary power flows
  • Comparing the simulation results with commercial software such as SimPowerSystem or DigSILENT/PowerFactory