Co-Simulation of MMC electro-mechanical and electro-magnetic models for investigating power system transient stabilities



With the advancement and wide range application of power electronics technology, modular multilevel converter (MMC)-based hybrid AC/DC transmission power system are coming into application in the future power systems. Investigating the transient stability of such large-scale power grids with MMC calls for computationally efficient and accurate models.

Electro-mechanical and electro-magnetic simulation are two types of time-domain simulating methods for large and small power systems, respec-tively. The co-simulation of the both brings the opportunity for fast simulating large-scale AC/DC systems while considering the detailed electro-magnetic processes in MMC and DC girds.


This work aims at developing the hybrid electro-mechanical and electro-magnetic model in MATLAB/Simulink. It consists of the following parts:

  • Literature research about co-simulation methods in power system dynamic studies
  • Combining the existing electro-mechanical and electro-magnetic MMC models as a hybrid model for co-simulation
  • Implementing the co-simulation method in a standard test grid
  • Initializing the models according to stationary power flows
  • Comparing the simulation results with that from electro-magnetic models