Transient Finite-Element Simulations of Fast-Ramping Muon-Collider Magnets

Masterarbeit, Hiwi Stelle, Bachelorarbeit

Currently, an international consortium develops a concept for a muon collider [1].

Because of the short lifetime of a muon, fast-ramping magnets are needed for bending and focusing the beam. For their design, efficient and reliable transient finite-element (FE) simulations are needed. In this student project, 2D transient FE models will be set up for two already proposed magnet designs. Moreover, models will be selected to consider the relevant losses in the yoke and the coils.

A field-circuit coupling will be developed for considering the excitation by a resonant power-electronic circuit. Options for operating the magnets under high saturation, and possibly with a bias current, will be studied.