Enabling Quasi-3D Simulations in Pyrit – a finite-element solver in Python

Hiwi Stelle

Quasi-3D (Q3D) methods are numerical methods, which exploit the symmetry of a geometry to perform 3D field simulations on a 2D mesh, thus improving the computational efficiency and accuracy compared to conventional 3D finite-element simulations. At TEMF, an axisymmetric Q3D method for simulating high-voltage arresters as well as a translational Q3D method for quench simulations of superconducting accelerator magnets have been developed in an object-oriented MATLAB framework.

Now, the Q3D MATLAB code shall be transferred to Pyrit, an in-house finite-element solver in Python in order to make it accessible for an interested audience. Your task will be to integrate the Q3D code into a given Pyrit software structure as well as to cleanse it from code parts that have become obsolete in the course of the method's development.