Implementation of a Graphical User Interface for the PBCI Code

Hiwi Stelle

At the TEMF institute, multiple in-house codes are developed. Among them, one called PBCI (Parallel Beam Cavity Interaction) is being used to simulate electromagnetic fields in particle accelerator components. Currently, the code is used as a command line tool with input and output provided by text files. As the code is increasingly used by researchers beyond the developing staff at TEMF, such as CERN or DESY, usability becomes an important aspect of the software. Its highly optimized implementation and the variety of adjustments possible require a clean and easy way to set up a simulation. This Hiwi-Job aims to implement a graphical user interface (GUI) for the command line tool in order to increase usability. As PBCI will remain to be used as a command-line tool in cluster computing, the GUI will be a standalone program. Hence, no prerequisites exist in terms of knowledge about numerical methods or electromagnetic theory, even though both are advantageous.