Entwicklung von Vermarktungsstrategien für Quartierspeicherkapazität im kurzfristigen kontinuierlichen Intraday-Handel

Master thesis


Due to the increasing integration of decentralized power genera-tion systems, distribution network operators are dealing with growing challenges. Low investment costs and high electricity prices of PV are making them more attractive. A decisive criteri-on for the design of new PV-plants is often the voltage mainte-nance in low load cases. In order to comply with the required limits, the network operator provides the subscriber with a method defining certain requirements regarding the reactive power provision and that should be considered in the design pro-cess. According to VDE AR 4105, there are three methods that can define the requirements of the reactive power provision.


The aim of this work is to analyse the influence of the existing methods that define the requirements of the reactive power provi-sion on the design of PV and (community) storage systems.

In addition, the work includes the following subtasks:

  • Development of method of the reactive power provision for power plants in LV-networks (based on VDE AR 4105)
  • Integration of the developed methods into the modelling envi-ronment and their formulation as an optimization problem
  • Comparison of the methods using test-networks
  • Analysis and interpretation of the results


Basic knowledge in load flow calculation.

Basic knowledge in Matlab programming.