Examination Dates

Examination period for exams in Department 18

Autumn: 1 July to 31 October

Spring: 1 February to 30 April

Written examinations

The dates of the written examinations can be found in the course of March (SoSe) and September (WiSe) directly at the module. Please register as usual for the module, then click on “Events” -> “My modules” and click on the corresponding module. Now scroll down to “Module Completion Checks” and find out the date that is up to date.

Please note that examination dates may still change prior to the examination application phase. Therefore, check the date before the examination application.

Oral examinations

Unless otherwise noted on examination timetables, dates for oral examinations must be arranged directly with the respective examiner, bearing in mind the following deadlines:

Dates for the winter semester must be arranged by 31 January

Dates for the summer semester must be arranged by 31 July

The timetable for oral examinations will be posted on TUCaN, and possibly in the respective department. Apart from timetables on TUCaN or if no date has been posted, please also refer to the announcements examiners themselves post on their department noticeboards, and information on the relevant websites.


Exam dates or venues may change. Please verify dates prior to the examination.