Prüfungsanmeldungen und -abmeldungen

Registration and Deregistration

Registration for examinations

In order to be eligible to sit an examination, you must register for it on TUCaN within the registration period.

Please refer to the TUCaN main pages for further information on registering for an examination.

Please bear in mind:
In order to be able to register for an examination, you must be registered for the respective module.

Whether an exam will count as a compulsory elective (“Wahlpflichtfach”) or a subsidiary subject (“Zusatzfach”) is determined when you first register for the module, i.e. prior to the examination, not afterwards.

Registration period for the winter semester: 15 November – 31 December

Registration period for the summer semester: 1 June – 4 July


For examinations that are held while the university is in session, the registration deadline is 14 days prior to the first examination date.

Withdrawing from an examination

You can withdraw from an examination on TUCaN without giving reasons up to eight days prior to the exam date, but no later than 31 March during the winter semester, and 30 September during the summer semester.

Please refer to the TUCaN main pages for further information on withdrawing from an examination.

A withdrawal at a later date requires a written application to the Examination Committee and can only be granted in exceptional cases and on serious grounds, which must be stated explicitly and plausibly. The Examination Committee will make a decision on the application.


If you fail to sit a registered examination without having withdrawn from it in advance, your examination will be marked “failed” (mark 5,0).

If you are ill on the day of an examination, you must submit a medical certificate to the Examinations Office within three calendar days of the examination. For example: If you miss an exam on Monday, the medical certificate must be filed by Thursday.

The medical certificate must state that the student was unfit to sit the exam. A simple doctor’s certificate (“Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung”) is not sufficient.

Further information on medical certificates

Online form to submit medical certificates