Industrial Placement Abroad

You have the option of doing your industrial placement with a company abroad.

Industrial placement opportunities abroad can be found here:




To have your industrial placement validated, please submit the documents listed in the table below to the etit Placements’ Office as soon as you have completed your industrial placement.


Explanation and notes

Placement report
The report you write on your work placement must explain exactly what you have done during the placement. The report should be approx. 10 to 15 pages (A4) long and, if relevant, include images, graphs, illustrations etc.

For additional information on writing a placement report visit Placement Regulations.

Application for validation of practical work experience

Testimonial / certificate
In order for your placement to be validated you will need a testimonial from the company which should cover at least the following points:

  • personal details
  • company, department and location
  • details and duration of work carried out
  • days of absence (holiday, illness etc.)
  • evaluation of work (in general)


For submitting your documents please note the following deadlines.