Student Mentoring – Start your Studies with Success

This experience highlights the obstacles that many freshers encounter when first entering university life. At the department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (etit), we are interested in the academic success of every student. Because we want to support you as you make your transition to university life, we have offered a mentoring system for all freshers since 2007.


In order to participate in the mentoring program, you must register on TUCaN (Registration number18-de-1032). You must also register for the coinciding Moodle-Course. You will receive 1 CP for participating in the mentoring program.

Please be aware that you must still register for the exam for this course.

On the Moodle-site, you can choose your mentor. Be aware that meetings with your mentor are at individual times. Please choose your meeting at a time that will not conflict with any other appointments you may have.