Angebote für Studienanfänger

Events for Freshers

To help you master the first steps at university or meet the challenges of your new degree programme, the etit Department runs various freshers’ events for new Bachelor's and Master’s students before and during the introductory phase of the degree programme.

Events for Bachelor's Students

Events for Master's Students


Events for Bachelor’s Students


Preparatory Maths Course

About three weeks before lectures officially begin you can take part in a preparatory maths course. It is designed for freshers taking a B.Sc. (etit, iST, MedTec and MEC) and aims to refresh your knowledge of maths.

Participation is voluntary, but registration is mandatory.

Turn to the staff at the Service Centre who will be pleased to help you with any organisational matters relating to the preparatory maths course.

current dates for the Preparatory Maths Course

Freshers’ Week (Orientierungswoche)

The week before lectures begin is Freshers’ Week, known as OWO (Orientierungswoche). During this week, we give you lots of important information about your degree programme. You will discover how the degree programme is structured and what is covered, be told about exam regulations, timetables and much, much more so that you are well prepared for the coming semester.

Participation in Freshers’ Week is mandatory.

Further information and current dates in TUCaN 18-de-1110-ov and 18-de-1110-vl

current programme for the Freshers' Week in winter semester 2017/18


The etit mentoring programme supports freshers at the start of their academic studies. Experienced students provide guidance throughout the entire first semester at TU Darmstadt. Organizational and test-taking skills are discussed throughout individual discussions and workshops as well as general advice on starting university successfully. A practice exam is given so that students will have already had a chance to test their skills before an actual exam. Additionally, the students mentors are a useful resource for all academic matters.

More information and schedule in TUCaN under 18-de-1032-vl

More information and schedule of mentoring meetings

Introductory Project

In the course of your first semester, you will be involved in an interdisciplinary, introductory project on which you will work together in a cross-cutting team to develop an approach to solving a socially relevant issue. This will enable you to get a taste of “real” hands-on engineering. You will be told more about the introductory project at the first relevant lecture.

Further information and current dates in TUCaN 18-de-1010-pj

further informationen and current dates for the Introductory Project


Events for Master’s Students


Information event for new Master’s students

At this event we shall give you an overview of the Master’s degree programme structure and address the topics of planning and organising your studies. We shall also explain the essential elements of the exam regulations and how they are applied. The event is designed for Master’s students studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (etit), Mechatronics (MEC) and Information Systems Technology (iST). It will be held at both the beginning of the winter and the summer semesters

see TUCaN 18-de-2100-ov