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  • 2020/10/30

    Gait analysis beats ground radar

    Cutout from the Three-Minutes Thesis Video of Afief D.Pamudi – © Ausschnitt aus dem Three-Minute Thesis Video von Afief D.Pamudi.

    Student Best Paper Award for Aylin Tastan and Afief D. Pamudi

    Darmstadt, 30.10.2020. At the 2020 IEEE Radar Conference, Aylin Tastan and Afief D. Pambudi from the Signal Processing Group of etit both successfully participated in the 2020 IEEE Radar Conference Student Contest. Aylin Tastan’s work on robust clustering for human gait signatures was awarded the Best Student Paper Award, whereas the runner-up by Afief D. Pambudi focused on robust landmine detection. Additionally, Pamudi also won the first prize in the Three-Minute Thesis competition, held for the first at an IEEE Radar Conference