Energy Data Visualization

As part of a bachelor thesis during the winter semester of 2022/23 the 3D campus was extended by an additional feature. It allows for the retrieval of building specific information via a user interface. The central goal was the integration and visualization of data into the existing 3D campus environment that has been collected prior through the universities energy management system. Inspired by the "Gebäude Energie Gesetz (GEG)" of the German Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building, the campus buildings were classified and categorized based on their energy consumption. In the next step this division was visualized using the existing building models. Furthermore the UI also allows users to view the exact data values of buildings. For now the feature is only available for the city center part of the 3D campus, but can be expanded to include other portions of the campus (e.g. "Lichtwiese" or "Hochschulstadion") at a later point in time. Author: Karl Gatzemeier