Proseminar ETIT (P1)

Proseminar P1
Type Literature seminar
ECTS (Proseminar) 2 (Bachelor ETiT), 2 (Diploma ETiT)

Content and Goals

  • Development of a technical topic in cooperation with a research assistant as supervisor
  • Detailed study of technical articles
  • Deep understanding of the technical topic covered therein
  • Practical experience with technical documentation
  • Learning modern presentation techniques and their application
  • Presentation and discussion of the professional topic in front of a group

Formalities of the examination

  • Value: 2CP (approx. 60 working hours)
  • Examination performance: Elaboration (<5 DIN A4 pages double-spaced) and presentation (20-30 minutes)
  • Exam registration: Tucan registration mandatory
  • Examination date: to be determined individually by the supervisor of the subject area

Further Information

  • In the 5th semester of the bachelor's degree program ETIT or WI-ETIT.
  • Theoretical Background: Scientific Work Writing and Presentation, Professor Bruder, 4th semester.
  • Can be taken at any ETIT department, even outside of the chosen specialization
  • Students decide on a topic at a department (look for notices in the departments).
  • Start time and duration of the project work (e.g. in a block or during lectures) can be agreed upon individually with the project supervisor.
  • Depending on the topic, teamwork may be possible
  • The ETIT proseminar is offered every semester

Topic Assignment

Ask the members of the department if they have any proseminar topics available at the moment. If you already know in which research area you want to write your bachelor thesis, it is a good idea to do the proseminar with the staff members who represent this research area.