Dr. Tanuj Hasija visited the Robust Data Science Group

2023/10/09 by

On October 5th he gave a talk on Multiview representation learning, a strategy for distilling meaningful low-dimensional features (or representations) from high-dimensional data by exploiting the joint information contained in multiple distinct views of an object or phenomenon.

Tanuj Hasija: Multiview representation learning: Challenges and apllication in epilepsy

The first part of this talk focused on methodological challenges. The second part consisted of the application of Multiview representation learning in Epilepsy for seizure prediction. Epilepsy affects more than 50 million people in the world and is the most frequent neurological condition in children. In the talk, Dr. Hasija presented his recent work for analyzing seizure-induced changes in multiple modalities of a wearable wristband and for exploring novel multimodal biomarkers for seizure prediction.