Taulant Koka receives SEW-Eurodrive Award

Taulant Koka receives the SEW-Eurodrive Study Award 2022 for his master thesis

2023/06/12 by

His thesis on “Unlabeled Sensing of Multi-Input FRI Signals”, which he worked on during an exchange semester at EPFL under the supervision of Dr. Benjamín Béjar, deals with the reconstruction of multivariate sparse signals from samples without precise knowledge of channel correspondences. Missing correspondences between measurements and their associated channels are found in a variety of relevant applications, such as tracking multiple targets, sensor networks for tracking multiple pedestrians, and whole-brain calcium imaging in freely moving organisms such as larval zebrafish or C. elegans. The work focused on the application in calcium imaging.

The SEW-Eurodrive Study Award is awarded annually for outstanding scientific projects and work in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and economics. It is endowed with 2,500 euros and funded by the SEW-Eurodrive