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Research and teaching go hand in hand. Our teaching covers fundamental theory as well as advanced applications.

Conduct your Masters Project under joint supervision of the Robust Data Science Group and Biophotonics – Biomedical Engineering Group to enhance your skills in machine learning, signal processing, laser spectroscopy, and biomedical engineering.

Masters Topic 1:

Statistical Machine Learning and Signal Processing for Raman Spectroscopy (PDF with further information) (opens in new tab)

Masters Topic 2:

Bayesian Active Learning for Raman Spectroscopy (PDF with further information) (opens in new tab)

The lecture begins by covering basic concepts of robust statistics and data science. Then we will move on to supervised and unsupervised learning problems and describe current robust data science methods (e.g., in regression and classification, cluster analysis), before treating the challenging high-dimensional setting, where structural assumptions, such as sparsity are needed to find a solution.

Biomedical applications including health monitoring using wearable devices, and genomic data analysis are discussed. Open-source toolboxes will be provided, enabling students to try out the methods that are discussed in the lecture. All materials including video lectures, scripts and additional reading material, toolboxes, and our book on robust statistics are available in the moodle course.

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