Basic Laboratory 1a+b
  • BSc. ETiT
  • Winter semester (Part 1), Summer semester (Part 2)
  • approximately 400-600 students
  • SWS (4 CP)
  • Module number: 18-kn-1040 and 18-kn-1041

The lab consist of four experiments to supplement the lecture ETiT 1 and ETiT 2. The two labs “Direct Current” and “Alternating Current” run in parallel to the lecture ETiT 1. The other two labs Coils and Capacitor and Electrical Power and Transformer run in parallel to the lecture ETiT 2 in the winter term. During all experiments students have to work with basic lab equipment such as power supplies, power meter or oscilloscope and breadboards.

Recommended Literature

  • Slides, sample solutions and records of the lecture and exercise
  • Praktikumsunterlagen
  • R. Lerch: Elektrische Messtechnik, Springer Verlag, 7. Auflage, 2016
  • R. Lerch, M. Kaltenbacher, M. Lindinger, F. Sutor: Elektrische Messtechnik – Übungsbuch, Springer Verlag, 2005