Perceval Pondrom

Dr. Perceval Pondrom

Merckstraße 25
64283 Darmstadt

Raum: S306 132

+49 6151 16-23878



  • Vibration-based energy harvesting with electrets and piezoelectrets

Kurze Biographie

Perceval Pondrom received his diploma in electrical engineering from Technische Universität in Darmstadt, Germany, and from Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris (ISEP), Paris, France, in 2007 and passed his PhD exam at Technische Universität Darmstadt in 2018. His research interests include transducers based on electrets and piezoelectrets such as microphones, accelerometers and energy harvesters.

Perceval Pondrom has a profound background in electroacoustics and knowledge in psychoacoustics and physiological acoustics.


  • EnHaPI – Energy Harvesting based on Ferroelectrets with Transverse Piezoelectric Effect (2018-2020, funded by German Research Foundation, grant no. KU 3498/1-1, PI Prof. Dr. mont. M. Kupnik)